Thanks to Stanly for pointing this one out. Battery is a first person shooter due out this summer. I missed it because it isn't directly connected with any game portal. Even though Naver does a pretty good job of indexing new games, I still find games I miss from time to time. All I know so far is that it's coming out this summer, and they are using motion capture for the models. I'm going to attach a few screenshots I found. This is being brought out by Webzen and seems like it will run on an independent site and not as part of a portal. Webzen is also responsible for Huxley and if you have an account from the old Huxley website, it looks like it works. I seem to have an account already for this game and the only way I can imagine having it was from when I created an account for Huxley last year.


New beta started,also You can check this game:

Thanks Stanly. I was getting text messages about this one as I'd previously signed up at the website, but the texts were saying it's in closed beta. Is it in open beta now?

Now it is Open Beta,but not 24h.

Looks like it's finished already. The site has announced that Open Beta is starting December 2.

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