AVA - Alliance of Valiant Arms - Part 1

Now that you've gotten yourself signed up for a game portal its time to start actually playing a game. I'm going to make this multi-part. The part is going to deal with installing the game. One of the benefits of the Korean PC game business model is the website integration. They want to encourage people to go to the website to see specials, buy things for the game, get information upcoming events, and other advertising.

For foreigners we're really only concerned with one thing. The big giant start button. In this case its a big giant read button labeled "게임시작" This is a mix of Konglish and actual Korean which means "Game start". If you have the game installed it will launch the splash screen and the game will start. No fuss no muss. I'm going to assume you're logged in at this point, if not, make sure to find the login box and type in your credentials. Now as soon as you're reading push the button. If you don't have the game its going to launch a couple things to download the game. To get the screenshots and refresh the procedure I uninstalled the game. Apologies to anyone who gets lost if there is a step I may have done 14 months ago that was part of the site setup and not the game setup that shows up for you at any point during this. Possibily in the form of an activeX control that might be the download manager. If so, you know the words for confirm, and how to install an activeX control so let it do its thing.

The first thing I saw was the AVA downloader window. Important things to note here: You can change the download location of the main file, click the black box with the folder picture. Then press 시작. A new word to write down here is "닫기" this seems to be an all purpose window that means cancel or close. You will often see this word on the bottom of pop-ups on websites and other places. The Korean internet being what it is, you should have this downloaded pretty quick. When the download finishes the 시작 button will have changed to 실행. This means execute or install. Pushing it moves us forward.

On this screen you'll notice it gets a little easier. They're nice enough to label the next button with an N. "다음" means next. The next window will be standard TOS stuff. Choose the top radio button and press "다음" again. It is going to ask you where you want to install. It will create a top level directory for all games from the site. The parent company of Pmang is Neowiz. You can let it do the default and keep all pmang games in one directory or move it wherever you want. I always take the default. No sense in tempting fate. Now you will find yourself on the final screen with a prompt (I) and the word "설치". I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out the meaning of this word. Press it and wait several minutes. It will conclude with a couple check boxes asking if you want to create desktop icons. Leave them checked and you can decide what to do with them later. You will notice there has been no program group entry installed in your windows menu for this game. You can use either the desktop icon that was created or go to the website and press "게임시작" again to start the game.

At this point you will be treated with standard game intro screens, movies, etc and then find yourself at the lovely main menu. Important things to do first. Your resolution is probably messed up. Look for "환경설정" this is the settings menu. The first screen that comes up will allow you to pick your aspect ratio and resolution (conveniently in english). The rest of the settings are in Korean and I haven't messed with them too much. Eventually I'll post a translation. Back out of that and have a look around. Some of the items you'll be able to figure out what they are, but for now the other important word to note is the upper right hand corner. "게임종료" means "end game" or "quit". If you get lost in some menus, keep pressing escape to get yourself back to the beginning. In part 2 I will cover how to join a game, important words, play modes, how to buy weapons, and other necessary things.


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