AVA - Alliance of Valiant Arms - Part 2

Now that you have the game up and running let's have a deeper look at the menu system and where each option can take you. On the left you'll find a fully annotated image of the main menu. A couple of important things here. First the general channel is where you will play your games. It is selected by default. The ranked channel is usually almost empty, and I don't have any info on clans. I've never played an event. The help is completely in Korean so not much help to us. The money in this case refers to in game money. Earning it seems to be completely random. I have no idea how exactly it works. Just after some games I'm given some money. It has occurred on all maps at one point or another. The orange bars illustrate how full a particular channel is. Each channel can handle around 2000 people. At the time this screenshot was taken (10 am on a weekday morning) there were around 2700 people in game. You will pretty much always be able to find people to have a game with. I am told "보급" means supply, but I have no idea what that statistic's relation to the game is. Let's select the beginner channel and move to the next menu area.

This is where you'll spend most of your time looking for a game. First thing you'll want to do is choose a class on the left. You can pick between Scout, Rifleman and Sniper. The Scout can later buy the P90. This gun is basically easy mode. The inventory screen will allow you to manage your inventory and the store screen will allow you to spend the in-game cash you earn. Buying armor, weapons, etc. On the right you'll see a variety of rooms, maps, game types and with various levels of players. The escort missions usually involve escorting a tank through 3 check points. The demolition maps involve placing a bomb at a certain point in the map and the deathmatch maps are fairly standard. The demolition maps have the distinction of only allowing 1 death. While the rest allow multiple deaths. The training map is 4 players against a wave of bots. You can practice your tactics. There are two play types which don't seem that popular and didn't make it on my screen shot. The first is 수송. The word means convey or transportation. The game appears to be a map designed in such a way that one team is attempting to reach an extraction point. The other team is tasked with stopping them from reaching the goal. The second is 점령. I couldn't get access to a game of this type. The word means "occupation" and it may be a game type revolving around capturing an area and holding it. If I can find a game running of it, I'll post on it. For now let's move to the store screen and have a look at what our options are here.

Once you get some money from playing a few rounds you'll be able to get better guns and armor. The repair all button will generate a pop-up that will indicate an amount of money used to repair your equipment. Not all of it can be repaired and you should check on your armor and what not from time to time. You can select the three classes and out fit them entirely differently in terms of weapons. Outfits and backpack items are shared between the classes. The outfits allow you to pick helmets, body armor and other clothing items. The backpack item lets you choose some things like the ability to carry more grenades or extend your radar ability slightly. Switching to the inventory screen will allow you to select your load-out from what you've purchased. Cash items are for those who want to pay real money to get some bonuses. These are usually in the form of experience point bonuses, aesthetic helmets, extra clips, etc. These rarely impact the actual gameplay. Most times you're going to be dead long before you run out of bullets or grenades.

On the right you'll see a sample inventory screen with a couple labeled items. You can add magazines to both weapon types, extra grenade slots, choose weapons and improve the quality of your armor and radar. Just double click what you want to switch in and out.

As for the game launch screen, it is fairly simple. If it is a team match there is a button to switch teams, otherwise hit the start button to indicate you're ready and after everyone is ready you'll hear a countdown. If you need to, you can make a last minute change at the store or inventory screen. This should give you all the information you need to get started playing. Up next, in-game screens and gameplay.


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