AVA - Alliance of Valiant Arms - Part 3

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the menu system, let's actually dive into a game. The game type I usually play is escort. Escort takes place on one of two maps. The first map is built around a gas station type area, the second one is built in a general rubble area sans gas station. They're fairly similar. Gameplay revolves around escorting a tank through 3 check points before time is up. Each team takes a turn. The first team sets the benchmark. Do it before time is up and the other team will only have that much time to win. Fail and the second team only has to beat your progress to win. In the left-hand image you can see the unique weapon for this map. It is the rocket launcher. Rocket launchers are available in several positions around each map. A player can run up to the case, press "E" and after a short time the case will open and you can take a rocket launcher. They come with 3 rockets. 2 rockets are enough to stop a tank. If a tank becomes stopped you can run up to it and hold "E" again to try and repair it. 2 people can repair it at once speeding up the repair time. Usually your enemies will be filling you full of holes while you do this. It can be really easy for a team to get bogged down if a tank gets jammed up in an area that makes it hard to get a safe position to try and repair the tank in. Other things to note in the screenshot are the position of the tank on the map, the progress bar (exclamation points are checkpoints) and the time remaining on the bottom. Checkpoints are also spawn points. As the offensive team passes a checkpoint the defensive team's spawn is pushed back one and the offensive team's spawn is moved up.Hiding behind the tank might seem like an ideal spot to be, but the rockets provide explosive damage and usually the opposing team will be shooting the ground beside the tank. Someone needs to be near the tank to cause it to move, but once you've repaired it, its a good idea to get out of there. Life expectancy of someone near a tank is around 4.2 seconds. I've included some footage I shot during a team deathmatch map. I was going to shoot escort footage, but had a sound screw up with fraps so I had to reshoot it. This type of map is two teams on a small map with a tight engagement zone. Its usually about 5 seconds or less before you engage an enemy, so you have to be fast. If you can get more than 2 or 3 kills before you go down, good on you. Anyway you can watch me take a couple down and get taken out a couple times myself. I noticed today that when I leveled up I got money. I think this is the only time you get money. So if you want to buy more weapons and armor play a lot to increase your experience so you can get more money.


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