Nolto and Metalblack

Nolto is another small games portal. It doesn't allow foreign sign-up, and seems to focus mainly on MMORPGs and casual games. Not terribly interesting unless you're fluent in Korean, or want a different site to play Jang-gi on for some reason. The reason I mention it is because it is the site which will host Berkanix. What is Berkanix? Well I don't know exactly. It is currently in the teaser stage. However it looks like they are going to target a western audience with this game as well as a Korean one. The teaser site contains an English site. It has 3 episodes, a couple of minor flash games to drive those episodes and a bit of a trailer. Beyond that there isn't much information. I don't know if it is going to be an MMORPG or FPS. However if it is in English, then either is fine for us. Let's just hope if its an MMORPG the English version can be played in Korea. This might be worth watching.

Awhile ago I mentioned that MetalBlack was in development over at Plaync. Well its still in development, but there is a new trailer with more details up. Including some detailed gameplay. I updated the old post because the old trailer was no longer there. It looks like diablo with guns, but interesting. Steel dogs is still in closed beta. There hasn't been too much released yet this year. I'm currently keeping an eye on Hessian. Its an FPS with cover, I think similar to gears of war. Looks pretty decent. Also has neck breaking finish moves. I'll post on that if I can get more info. It is currently in closed beta.


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