Aion English and Gametime

Just a mini-update. I've been playing Aion a lot. It is pretty enjoyable, even in Korean. My Korean is terrible, but I'm understanding a bit more than I expected. Due to the nature of the questing system it is pretty easy to muddle through most in the game without too much trouble. You can always tab out and use an English quest guide of you're stuck. I've got a level 17 Chanter if anyone wants to join me on the server.

I tried the English language pack for Aion that was passed around during the Chinese beta. It doesn't seem to work. I think the Korean version and, what I'm calling, the international version have different architectures. So adding another language pack won't do it.

I also figured out how to tell how much time you have left if you buy an hour pack. When you log in you'll get a yellow message as your first chat message telling you how many hours and minutes you have left. Since I'm having fun, I'm considering buying a 30 day pass. I'll update on that if it shows anything different, but I expect it'll show an hour count and an expiry date when you log in since you have to use the 300 hours in 30 days.


Really off topic here from the post, but I was trying to find ur contact info here and couldn't.
It's regarding Anyang Halla, you said u were goin to the Chuncheon games 1/9-1/10.
My son and I are heading there as well and seeing who else will be there, where to stay, how to get there....etc.
Can you send me an email or contact me on facebook ?
PS - Don't know if you saw the game last night, it was pretty decent actually. A few follies by the Anyang D-fence and whatdoyaknow - actually a close game.
Cheers and thanks in advance.

Hey Jason, I sent you a message on Facebook, feel free to reply to me there.

Hi there,
A lil off topic. I saw your post on DaveESL about dealing with DELL in Korea. I cant PM you bc i havent post 25 post yet. Can you please give me the guy's email address. I tried going on the DELL website and calling their number but with no luck. My hard drive died and i need to replace it. My email address is Thank you in advance.

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