Tk online First Impressions

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I logged in promptly at 4 as I didn't have a lot of time. Game is fun
but not an RTS. It is more of a diablo or dungeon siege light, but
with deathmatch. The game is also almost entirely in well written
English, except for a couple error messages. Which means I don't need
to provide any play instructions. I will provide screenshots and
video later as I'm on a bus.

Back home now. I'll add some screenshots here. I will try and do a video shortly to show you what the gameplay is like. Its fairly straightforward. Click the enemy you want to die, pop some potions activate a special ability or two. There is a simplistic crafting system as well you can use to make items for yourself. You gain gold as you kill enemies and there are regular infusions of gold you can use to buy these things. There is an interesting system with 2 characters. Your main fighter and an "aide". His job is to run around and buy this material for you. You control them independently.


Thank you for your kind attention to TKonline. It has been through a lot of suffer to get a final version of TKonline. Even it is just on the start line, future will be on our side. We want to be the NO.1 RTS game studio in Korea. Please keep your eyes on us while we are wrestling with creativity. Last but not least spread our game in canadian gamers. ^^

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