Coming Goodness

It has been awhile since I updated but mostly because there hasn't been too much new stuff coming out. Well that has finally started to change and I'll be talking about a bunch of new games in the near future. I've also got a couple other games portals, Gamemania and Windyzone, to mention. Also of note is that Hanbiton and Netmarble now allow foreigner sign-up, while Nexon seems to have removed the option. I'm also going to be talking about the I-pin as well. Something we need for Windyzone and some other websites.

Currently out we have:
Battlefiend Online
Quake Wars
Company of Heroes (an RTS!)

Coming up soon (hopefully) we have:
Metro Conflict
Battle Star Online
Kingdom Under Fire 2
Metal Black
Steel Dogs (just finish these two already!)
Pyschic Online

Speaking of Warcry here is a sound test video they just released.


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