Portals foreigners can't sign up for

So in this post I'm going to give a big giant list of all the game portals I've found that don't allow foreigners to sign up for them. You'll have to ask one of your Korean friends to make an account for you. I recommend ordering some food and having them spend 20 minutes making you an account for all of them to get it out of the way if you can. I'll be covering various games from these sites, and you might see one you like. I'm not going to detail the sign-up because I assume your Korean friend with a Korean ID can read Korean.

MGame has the requisite number of about a dozen MMORPGs, and then some other games. They have a first person shooter in the way of Operation 7, a real time tactical game that has some relation to pearl harbor, an arena combat game called Crashbattle and a couple of casual and overly cute RPGs. They are apparently responsible for Knight Online. This is a Korean MMORPG that was a really blatant Everquest ripoff in terms of interface that made its way over to North America a few years ago. It wasn't that impressive then, probably not that impressive now.

Up next, Netmarble. Netmarble again has a dozen or so MMORPGs but they have more developed categories of action, sports/fps, and casual. Netmarble has the Korean version of Perfect World. If you're familiar with that and want to play on a server with a low ping I recommend it. Since Perfect world has a few english editions it might not be a big deal to find a walk-through if you want to play it. They also have Sudden Attack which is a wildly popular but long in the tooth first person shooter. Most of their action games are fighter beat-em ups. So if you're interested in those you might want to try some of them out. There is a Gundam one. Gundam games are hard to find in the west. They have Gunz which is a game that has enjoyed some popularity outside of Korea as well. They also have a mech fighting game called Metal Rage.

Hanbiton doesn't have an overly huge abundance of games but they do have a few interesting ones. They have the only place you can still play Hellgate: London online. They acquired the IP as it was going belly up. You can download the game (huge for a Korean game over 5 GB) and play it for free. It is an action RPG so there is a lot of text, but there are walkthroughs for the English version if you can't sort it. They have a FPS in beta called Warcry that looks very interesting, and a golf game that has strangely been ported to various other game systems including the play station and playstation portable called Pang-ya. To me this site is worth it just for Warcry, it looks like it will be very good.

I'm going to mention Nexon. Technically foreigners can sign up for Nexon but you have to go to their office (and possibly still speak Korean there) or fax them a DNA sample. So if you've got a friend making accounts for you, you might as well just have them do this one up too. Nexon has Counterstrike online (with a zombie mod), Warrock (a game that also showed up in North America with an atrocious beta) and combat arms another relatively popular FPS. They also have a new cute FPS called Bubblefighter which involves water guns and forming giant bubbles around people. They have a handful of sports games and a fighter or two.

That's it for game portals that I've found that need a Korean to help you do the sign-up. I'm always looking for more and if I find some new ones I'll post them. I still have another couple of game portals that foreigners can sign up for on their own. I've also found that independent games typically don't allow foreigner sign-up on the sites. So if you see some of those you like you'll have to order some more food and get your friend back over.


Hey, I'm a foreigner from Chicago living in Seoul. I've worked here for over a year, and have all but given up on trying to play Korean games because of the foreigner shut-out. Actually, I keep a blog on Kroea, too, although it's pretty random and primarily exists for friends and family back home. It's good for learning stuff about Korea. http://www.teslinkorea.blogspot.com

Anyway, taking note of your mention of Nexon... could you please edit that post and link us to information regarding the location of the Nexon office... or else give instructions on how to get an ID from them? They have all the games I'd want to play: Sudden Strike (not my favorite but MADLY popular, so it would be a social excursion), Kart Rider, and WarRock.

Thanks a lot, I'd appreciate it!

To be honest I didn't go to the Nexon office, I only had a friend make the account for me to save time. I actually had the account made before I knew you could go to the nexon office. I do have some directions to the office from someone who has been there:
Go to Seolleung station 선릉 where the green and yellow lines meet near coex. He said it is a first floor store front about 50 meters out of exit 6. Which might make it near exit 5 since exit 5 and 6 seem to go in the same direction on the same side of the street.

Here is a yahoo map link that should show you about where it is: http://kr.gugi.yahoo.com/ymap/map.php?scale=18&mapx=127.049925&mapy=37.5047&r=1&svc=map&slat=&slon=&elat=&elon=&mlat=&mlon=&maptype=YAHOO_MAP_REG you may still need a Korean to go with you if you don't speak any Korean because I'm not sure how simple it is to make the request. You might just try handing them your ARC and saying something like "ID nexon site" (with korean inflection)

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