Wolf Team Part 2 - Gameplay

Now that you're settled in to Wolf Team let's go over some of the basic controls and gameplay. There are not a lot of the finer controls you'd find in some other shooters here. For example the only gun I've found that zooms in is the sniper rifle. The mousewheel does not scroll your weapons. E is not the catch-all button for doing stuff.

I didn't get a chance to try all the various game types, because the game selector is a bit of a bring-down. It isn't possible to sort the games by game type so it makes it hard to find a game available of a particular type if you want. I jumped in to a couple open games and gave it a go. The first I tried was death match. This is team deathmatch in which you have an option to turn in to a werewolf at will. You'll probably want to try this out as soon as you can as it is one of the unique features of this game. If you find yourself in team deathmatch or other game mode where switch is allowed, you can do so by pressing 3 which selects your third weapon. 4 generally brings up your grenades. If you have more than one grenade you can hit 4 again to swap them. Each time you spawn you'll have to pick a load-out of weapons. The default load out gives you +50 weapon points. Other load-outs cost you weapon points. You also get weapon points for winning rounds and making kills. You can customize these weapon load-outs in the main menu screen. Guns, grenades, etc each have an associated cost.

One thing that I noticed is that any guns, etc you buy come with an associated time limit. You can buy a weapon for 24 hours if you want. You can also buy it for 7 days, 30 days and 90 days for reduced per day costs. This is using in-game money not real money. If you play the game a lot you can make some big in-game money and load yourself out with big guns and things for long periods of time. It is an interesting model and rewards someone for playing a lot. The games can be quick paced, with small, sometimes complicated maps. Which mean a long life is fairly rare. As a werewolf you'll have increased spead, jumping ability and a pretty sweet claw attack. A couple of swipes usually puts someone down. It takes time to switch to wolf or reload so if you're in tight with a wolf and need to do one of those you might as well go have a sandwich because you're dead.

The other game type I tried was a wolf vs human elimination style. One team is werewolves the other team is humans and you can't switch. It is one death per round play until one team wins 9 rounds. The humans have an objective but the games I played revolved around the teams ignoring that and just killing each other. The video below is from this style of game. This was a traditional temple style map. The humans appeared to be invading to set a device. Not sure if it was a bomb or what. I tried to set it once and an invisible werewolf ate me. Apparently were wolves can disappear. I am not sure how that is done because each of these games I played I never ended up as a werewolf. In the deathmatch games the werewolves cannot disappear. You'll also notice the giant turret gun one of the guys has as a main weapon. I didn't get to use it, but it seems pretty nice. In some other rounds he dropped some wolves pretty quickly with it. Over all I thought this was a pretty decent game with some unique features. The menus certainly leave something to be desired, but I'd recommend it for anyone wanting to try a shooter that is a little bit different.


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