Real images from Raycity

I mentioned briefly in my post on Raycity that the streets and buildings are based on real locations in Seoul. I was out in 압구정 this morning and snapped a couple photos to show some of the similarities. I often pass this corner, so it was quite familiar to me when I drove by it in the game. It isn't perfect mind you, but its close. The subway exit goes in a different direction for example, but 2 years ago when the game was made, I'm not sure it could have faced that way. These are just cell-phone pictures, but I think they do the job.

The building under the bridge is the Hyundai department store. It is the rich people's department store, where a sale is something still priced at $200. The other buildings are some random apartments. The attention to detail here is pretty good. They've matched the road sign perfectly. Even the air conditioners on the sides of the apartments are there. I'm not sure if they fashioned these based on some low resolution photos or what.


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