Gametree is another small portal. It doesn't allow foreign sign-up. I've sent them an e-mail and they've said that they hope to add it in the future. They didn't provide a time frame but we can hope more sites get around to it. So if you've borrowed a friends ID or have them making accounts for you, you might want to add this to the list. They have a few RPGs, a couple sports games, Pang-Ya a golf game, and Blackshot a FPS. Obviously I'll be focusing on Blackshot. I might talk about Pang-Ya as well. I actually tried a Korean golf game on my PSP last year and it was completely playable. So if this one is as well perhaps I'll do a write up on that.

Blackshot is interesting because it seems to have been picked up by a German company. The game is hosted, presumably in English, at I haven't tried it there yet, but I expect the ping isn't as good as it is here. After digging around further it has been picked up in several countries. It was released last year so it is fairly new.


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