Getting foriegners together

One of the major components of online gaming is player interaction. For foreigners gaming in Korea this can be a double-edged sword. If you're not fluent in Korean, you might not notice someone acting like a troll in the chat. On the other hand, if you're part of a team in a tactical game it can be hard to coordinate with your teammates. This gives us relative peace at the price of ease of use.

I don't know how many foreigners out there are playing games regularly in Korea. I hope a few people have started to try it out. I was thinking that we should find a way to get the foreigners together who are playing if they want to have a game with people they can chat with. There are many games out there though that might benefit from some interaction. This might be useful for those who are here quite long term as well like f-pats and other guys that are pushing many years.

In addition to the shooters and other games I've covered most sites have some form of go-stop, poker, chess, janggi, and other other casual games on them as well. Perhaps at some point I'll do a round-up of the games on various sites to see if there are any major differences between them and if so, which one is better.

I'm not sure how to best set something up. Whether we should have a facebook group, a clan website on one of the services or what exactly. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to make them. Are you happy gaming alone or would you like to play a game with some other foreigners?


This is good idea.
I am Russian who work and live in Korea sometimes(1-2 month per year).
I am play A.V.A and Warrock sometimes.
Very good game come this summer:

Thanks for the link Stanly, I made a post about it. I missed this game when I was looking. There are so many games coming out these days. I wonder if we should have some kind of clan, or something like that for foreign gamers in Korea. We could organize games, play with people we know, etc.

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