I seem to be having far more luck finding small portals these days. Here is another one that allows foreign sign-up. It is called Joara. It has a couple games of a note. Battlezone is a casual 2D fighting game. Might be the kind of thing a shooter fan needs when they don't have a lot of time or don't want something too serious. They also have another shooter called Cannon Kings which seems to involve young children running around with ordinance strapped to their back and launching it at each other. You can go ahead and get signed up here, there is no direct link to registration off their game portal page. Joara is actually a much larger portal of which gaming is only a small part.

Normally we'd be inclined to sign-up using the 외국인 button, but I was not successful with that. It gave me an error. I suspect because my name is 19 characters. This one is just an SQL error. If someone has a name under 14 letters and wants to give it a go, please report back. So, what we can do is choose the blue option, 일반, on the left and use the normal Korean adult sign-up. Once there, choose the I-PIN option and it will pass your registration details on appropriately. No surprises here. Address, e-mail, phone number, etc. This will kick you back to the main page when you are done. You can look for 게임 in the upper left to get you back to the game portal. I'll be talking about their game Battlezone in the next post.


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