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I mentioned before that Netmarble now allows foreign sign-up. Well they do, but it is a little buggy. Right now if your English name is more than 14 characters it will fail. Mine is 19, so I can't really write more on it now. I have heard from some other foreigners who can sign-up, and one reported that there is an additional verification step. You'll need a Korean credit card, bank certificate, or cell phone in your name that matches your ARC to finish the sign-up procedure. They have said that they are aware of the problem and intend to address it. What the time frame is for that, I have no idea. Hopefully soon.


What part of your name does the 14 characters apply to? First/Last or the whole smash of First/Middle/Last?

Thanks for putting this up, by the way... it's been a great tool for me! :)
Please keep us posted on the issue! :D

(Canadian in Wando)

It applies to the total name. First last and middle as it appears on
your ARC. For most westerners not named Ed Smith it makes it hard to
sign-up. If you can muster some Korean send them a note through their
customer service center. I think the spelling is ������ but send the
message in Korean or they'll just reply that email service is for
Koreans only. Hopefully they'll fix it soon. I may make some posts on
how to contact these sites and maybe create some templates we can use
to send to then to encourage change.
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On May 28, 2010, at 9:22 AM, "Echo"

That was my first time trying the e-mail reply feature. Apparently it doesn't handle Korean text. 고겍센터 was what I was trying to spell. In there you can find the 1:1 option, fill it out and send a request to them to support longer foreigner names.

CLOUTHIERANDRE (exactly 14 characters) allowed me to sign up for netmarble (with my Korean debit/credit card)...finally sudden attack without using another ID..

Any word on Nexon?? I would be willing to go to their head office in Seoul and make some hell if anyone else is game (I'm a good 5 hour drive away so if anyone in Seoul or inbetween Tongyeong and Seoul is up to it let me know)

does your ARC not have your middle name on it? or do you not have a middle name?

was at the nexon building in Seoul yesterday...they said foreigners can't make an id, neither with arc nor with passport...

Thanks for the update. Nexon is really the only current hold-out. Don't know why they're so far behind.

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